Electrical Systems

The electrical system of any vehicle performs the same function, to deliver and monitor electrical power to various devices and sensors while under control of a computer system.


Common maintenance suggests inspecting electrical connectors that are visible including the battery cables. These connections should be free of corrosion and rust as contaminates hinder the proper operation of electrical circuits. A periodic inspection and test of the battery is necessary to avoid roadside failures. Battery terminals can develop corrosion due to the flow of ions, terminal and cable cleaning is necessary to remedy this condition.


The most common problem with an electrical system is a short circuit which is caused when a wire has rubbed through to ground or an electric motor has shorted internally. Low battery voltage can cause strange problems due to insufficient operating voltage which can cause numerous problems. Because of the nature of wiring connectors they can cause high resistance which causes heat, allowing the connector to short and not allow the circuit to function.


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