Fleet maintenance

Every business fleet vehicle is an asset and has a life cycle. This is more commonly known as the asset's depreciation cycle and usually every vehicle is given a life cycle estimate; for example, five years. However, the cycle in practice may get extended when the company budget is tight and may get shortened when the budget is robust. The fleet manager has to track each car, find a way to keep a viable fleet with each vehicle's cycle, and work within the constraints of the company budget.


Fleet maintenance is a key factor to maintain and extend the vehicle’s life cycle. It is a well-known fact that regular oil and filter changes can preserve a vehicle much longer. Fleet managers who monitor their company vehicles for preventative maintenance needs can save thousands of dollars in avoiding unnecessary repairs, therefore it is crucial for fleet managers to find and choose reputable and well established repair facilities to perform the necessary preventive maintenance.


When you choose Atlanta AutoWorks as your preferred fleet maintenance partner, we immediately give you access to the expert ASE certified personnel, repair equipment and the services you need to make your fleet management more efficient. That, in turn, leads to better service and reduced expenses.

Imagine what improved scheduling flexibility, lower pricing, better availability of parts, faster repairs, and improved reliability will mean to both your drivers and your company.


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